Home Buyers

The MJD Group Can Save Buyer’s Money Too

Pre Approval

We can connect you with one of our Preferred Lenders to get you qualified with the best rates

Home Search

No more having to use misinformed sites like Zillow or Realtor.com We will set you up on a custom home search directly from the MLS providing you with instant information on best homes on the market

Buyer Rebates

We offer many different rebate options to help you get into your next home. We can pay down some of your closing cost or even make your offer stand out from the rest

Buy Before Selling

We have partnered with a leading national lender that gives you the power to buy a home before selling your current home. 

Win The Bidding War

Let us show you how we use some of our commission on your behalf to win the bidding war. Sellers can only accept one offer. Let’s make it yours.

Take Advantage Of Our Expertise

How people buy and sell homes is changing. It has been for years. We’ve been ahead of the change for years. Let us show you how it’s done

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