Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How Does Your Flat Fee Work?
We work just like most other Realtors but charge a flat fee instead of a percentage. Your home is listed in the same MLS (Multiple Listing Service) We use the same type of lockbox. Your home is syndicated to all the same national websites. The biggest difference is the cost.
Do I Have To Pay Any Other Realtor Fees Besides Your $3000?
To be marketed on the MLS and the thousands of websites that syndicate the MLS you must offer compensation to other Brokers. This is known as a “co-broke”. In the Phoenix market it is very common to pay a co-broke around 3% of the sales price
Are You A Discount Brokerage?
Not at all. We provide full fiduciary service to our clients. Many think that because our price is lower our services are lower. That is simply not the case. You get the same service you would expect from any other full service brokerage.
Do Other Agents Avoid Showing Your Listings?
Nope. This is a common concern with “Limited Service” or “MLS Only” brokerages that you sign up online to be entered into the MLS leaving the buyer agent having to do most of the work. We provide full service to our clients and manage the entire escrow process. Most often, Agent don’t know you paid a flat fee to sell your home until the see the final settlement statement.
How do you market your listings?
The power of the internet. Gone are the days of people going for the Sunday paper and getting out the real estate section. We focus our marketing where the buyers are. Online
How Can You Charge $3000 To Sell A Home When Others Need To Charge More?
Like most industries, technology has changed the real estate industry. The consumer now has access to the product thanks to third-party websites like Zillow and Documents can legally be signed electronically saving time. Social media marketing has become more efficient and effective than print marketing. It makes sense that fee for selling a home should be less than before.
So Why Do Some Realtors Still Charge 6% To Sell A Home?
Truth? Because they can. Almost 70% of people who list their home for sale only interview one agent. How they find that agent is usually a referral from a friend or a family member. Combine the fact that there are 50,000+ Realtors in the Phoenix area. With only a handful working on a flat fee, chances are the one agent people interview work on a percentage base. It’s become the accepted market rate to sell your home regardless of the agent’s experience or the services they provide.
I See Other Companies Offering Flat Fee. Why Should I Pick The MJD Group?

We are seeing a huge influx of agents and out of state tech companies entering the Phoenix market promoting their flat fee program. But beware of their funny ads and read the fine print. Most are charging an upfront fee, some never even come to your house to consult you on pricing or even offer staging advice. Most are charging $3500-$4950 for their flat fee. The MJD Group does not charge an upfront fee, use gimmick pricing or hand you off to a different agent once you sign the listing agreement. We are also not new to the Phoenix Market or flat fee. Our Owner/ Team Leader has been selling homes in the Valley since 2001 and has never charged 6% to sell a home. To us, selling homes for a flat fee is not a fad or gimmick.

Do You Help People Buy Homes As Well?
Absolutely. We can help you with the complete home buying process including helping you secure financing with one of our preferred lenders. Our expertise is helping clients that are looking to sell and buy at the same time.